Hello! The countdown begins...

We’re nearly at the finish line, well, the finish line before it all begins. The start of something new, *High School Musical plays in the background*. We’ve been working really hard to bring you all our labour of love - a female-empowering, coffee roaster 'bizness' baby. Each bag of Nectar’s coffee goodness comes signed, sealed and delivered with kindness, care and love. 

We started this journey soon after we founded a strong friendship based on the ideals we shared about female empowerment. We soon realised that Georgia, Alia and myself were pretty damn passionate feminists and we were ready to put our money where our mouth is. For all the good in the world, we wanted to add a little more and we truly mean it. 

We each come from a different life, (of course, we are all our own kind of special), but we are the same in the challenges we face every day as women. It cannot be denied that the pure existence of misogyny and systemic sexism is everywhere and it would be rare to find a woman who didn’t have to boss up and face them too. This of course extends to the umbrella of all women. Nectar is here as an unapologetic vehicle to navigate and spark discussions that need to be had for relief, to promote gender equity, to challenge tropes, to act as an instigator of change.

The foundation of Nectar however, is built on the fact that our coffee is just as important as our social impact. When you grow up in the hospitality industry, you learn to down a few espressos to make the clock work faster... and your heart. I realised shortly after entering the world of coffee roasting, that I knew a good coffee and actually a little bit more than I thought about coffee in general. Like, did you know that caffeine is produced naturally by the Coffea plant as a natural pesticide? I love science.

We launch with five coffee products: Iris, Sage, Rue, Daphne and Flora. All absolute bad b*tches curated for every way you can brew it. While we’re here to focus our impact on women in need, we want everyone to drink and enjoy Nectar. 
We roast our beans with an air roaster. Relatively new tech to the industry, an air roaster applies heat while suspending the coffee beans on a fluid bed of hot air (kind of like a vortex). Instead of physically rotating beans, the air propels the beans around, inside the roasting chamber allowing for an even, consistent and faster roast.

I want to say that we are so excited to bring you all Nectar. We’re keen to work alongside the already amazing people in the coffee industry and bring you a cup of coffee you can share stories, love, passion and hopefulness over. 

We are so ready to brew change!