Babes Behind the Brew

Nectar is owned and operated by Georgia, Alia and Mia - three women* who are all passionate about speaking up for true gender equality, facilitating change where society needs it, and taking down that damn patriarchy.

Mia Umeko

An unassuming epicure of coffee and a seasoned hospitality worker, Mia wants everyone to have access to a quality cup. Preaching the key to coffee success is through knowledge and science, Nectar’s product line reflects everything she has learnt about the humble green bean.

Georgia Lake

With an extensive background in journalism, marketing and creative writing, Georgia is dedicated to bringing social impact to the driver’s seat of Nectar's brand. With a platform designed to educate and spread awareness, Georgia takes pride in sharing the stories of women* in the coffee industry, in business, and in the Australian community.

A die-hard lover of coffee, she’s proud to say that each cup of Nectar is contributing to facilitating change.


Alia Nazri

A customer service veteran, Alia is the gregarious, philanthropic force behind Nectar. A shared love of coffee and conversations, Alia’s diverse experience on women’s issues bridges a needed disparity in the senior roles of the coffee industry for women of colour.
Alia grins largely at the camera with her hands half up in the air.