Sustainability & Environment

Nectar intends to remain transparent with our consumers about the sustainability and environmental impact of our product range. We will always work hard to reduce our environmental footprint without increasing our prices.


Nectar’s bags are recyclable once you cut out the valve at the top, courtesy of The Packaging People.


We use Mad Coffee Capsules’, who has produced the first and only Nespresso Compatible capsule on the market to be awarded the AS 4736 -2006 certification. This certification ensures all the constituents and components of the finish capsule (Capsule + coffee + lids + adhesive) are certified compostable* to the Australian standard.

The pods are aluminum free, GMO free and BPA free. They're Australian-made and roasted for the Australian market, made from bio-based materials and renewable resources.

*In industrial composting environments.


We use the courier service Sendle to deliver all Nectar products straight to your door. Sendle is Australia’s first 100% carbon neutral shipping service and is a certified B Corporation. They ship with sustainability, and that’s how we like it!